Saturday, September 17, 2011

Quips from the Natives

The Skype generation discovers General Conference.
Joss to Elder Richard G. Scott: Hello? . . . Hello? . . . You talk to me? . . . Hello?

Maddie: Can I has scriptures?

Joss: Can I do yoga?

Rob: Who would you like to meet in the afterlife? Mimi?
MA: Grandpa Oscar.
Rob: Madeline Kahn.
Will: 'Someone broke my igneous rocks.' 'I feel your pain, man. I hate it when my igneous rocks are even touched.' *

Joss: Papa, can we go to the zoo? Can we go to a schloss?

Rob, giving a lecture on social class in his turn-of-the-century Vienna writing seminar: So what are some indicators that someone is of another social stratum?
finally somewhere out of the back: Someone uses the word 'stratum'?

Rob and MA waking up. Joss comes in
Mama: Joss, why don't you go out and jump on the trampoline?
Papa: That's a good idea Joss.
Joss, settling in, intending to go nowhere: Hey, I love you guys!

Maddie: Hold still or I'm going to give you fifty lashes!
Joss: I don't want eyelashes!

Heather A.: I just think that Joss is magical.
Rob: Yes, but it's a dark magic.

* From What's Up Doc which stars Madeline Kahn as Miss Eunice Burns.


Ann said...

Love it. Love you guys.

Heather said...

Howard Bannister!!!!!