Saturday, September 17, 2011

Quips from the Natives

The Skype generation discovers General Conference.
Joss to Elder Richard G. Scott: Hello? . . . Hello? . . . You talk to me? . . . Hello?

Maddie: Can I has scriptures?

Joss: Can I do yoga?

Rob: Who would you like to meet in the afterlife? Mimi?
MA: Grandpa Oscar.
Rob: Madeline Kahn.
Will: 'Someone broke my igneous rocks.' 'I feel your pain, man. I hate it when my igneous rocks are even touched.' *

Joss: Papa, can we go to the zoo? Can we go to a schloss?

Rob, giving a lecture on social class in his turn-of-the-century Vienna writing seminar: So what are some indicators that someone is of another social stratum?
finally somewhere out of the back: Someone uses the word 'stratum'?

Rob and MA waking up. Joss comes in
Mama: Joss, why don't you go out and jump on the trampoline?
Papa: That's a good idea Joss.
Joss, settling in, intending to go nowhere: Hey, I love you guys!

Maddie: Hold still or I'm going to give you fifty lashes!
Joss: I don't want eyelashes!

Heather A.: I just think that Joss is magical.
Rob: Yes, but it's a dark magic.

* From What's Up Doc which stars Madeline Kahn as Miss Eunice Burns.

Monday, September 05, 2011


Over Labor Day weekend we had a whirlwind trip out to Berkeley for John and Clarissa's wedding. It was held at the Berkeley City Club, another beautiful Julia Morgan building. It was an intimate, personal ceremony and we were glad we got to be there to see it. Aside from that, we played hard, we ate well, and we fell apart before the dancing began! Here is more of the occasion in pictures:
bride and groom with nieces and nephews
reading an e.e. cummings poem during the ceremony
Shumway siblings
McFarlands were here
oooh! nice eyebrow! Joss banged it into the door of the rental car that afternoon and it would not stop bleeding.
the cousins snuck off for some pictures in the courtyard
flower girls dance with the bride
parents of the groom give a toast
during Clarissa's mother Barbara's toast
Sebastian talking to Grandpa
Each table was themed with a spot from Manhattan
Milkshakes used for toasts (John's friend Will said the next morning: "So it really is true -- you can have fun without drinking!")
Karen, Maddie and Rosemary