Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Two Museums and Berry Picking

On Tuesday after class, Maddie and I went to two of the museums we had missed. First was the Gemaldegalerie which is in the Kulturforum.
I was in a portrait-y mood. Durer is still one of my favorites.
Another favorite, taking a break in one of the alcoves.
And Botticelli. That was not nearly representative, but the light was low enough that my pictures were awful. Then we went from the Kulturforum (which was empty) to Potsdamerplatz (full of tourists with empty wallets) and caught a bus up to the Hamburger Bahnhof . . .
. . . which is no longer a train station, but rather a modern art museum. The Marx collection was wonderful but they could have exhibited more, more, MORE.
Maddie and the purple-polka-dotted Mao
A post-WWII German-born artist whose name I've forgotten. His art explores the post-war German psyche.
Then we got off into one of the back halls which stretch for two or three city blocks into some experimental/unfinished/crazy-crazy stuff. Here Maddie is trying to figure out what the heck this room might be.
Our favorite was the 1000 short films like Glenn Gould where Cory Archangel had created the Brandenburg concerto #1 entirely out of YouTube videos -- one for the left hand and one for the right. Each note was a different movie, played on varied instruments by people, cats, a bird and a hamster. It was mindblowing.
Having conquered both modern and classical art, we went home to indian food for dinner.
Rob and the boys had played at the park, taken Will to get his haircut, taken Joss to the grocery store (which thing I haven't done once in Berlin), and gone blackberry picking in the wilds by the S-bahn line. Which included fence hopping and probably train dodging and who knows what else. But they were all sandy and purple fingered and happy. And they were so proud of themselves for getting enough to make this:


Jessica said...

Is the Youtube-brandenburg mashup video actually ON Youtube, by any chance?

ashley said...

We saw that same Botticelli lady in the Uffizi. But she was in a shell. She must have been a favorite subject. :)

Mary Ann said...

@ Jessica, I found this, which is a little off to the left, but you can still see what we saw. I think the bit with the hamster may be cut off and phooey, Rob was right, it's Goldberg and not Brandenburg. Hate it when that happens. Unfortunately my son is searching for legos at my elbow so I didn't hear any of it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9E8QPsvFpnY&feature=grec_index

@ Ashley: yes, the Venus on the Half Shell is much nicer. This one just looks like a study for it. But it reminded me how much I like Botticelli.

Jessica said...

My reaction is equal parts "Duuuuuuuude!" and "Ow, my head hurts."