Saturday, August 20, 2011

Schwäbisch Hall

The kids went back to their day camp on Monday and Rob, Joss and I headed up to Schwäbisch Hall for another meeting with an internship provider. My mom has liked doors since she first came to Europe, and we've followed her lead and taken a lot of pictures of doors. I think this one is the Door With The Mostest 2011.
This is where Rob stayed when he came in 2005. He said you could drop a ball at one end of the room and it would roll to the other, it was so off kilter. As I recall, I had three kids in Vienna while he was away visiting his interns. I bought myself a great pair of shoes as payment.
This is where they have summer performances. Rob got to see one while he was here in 2005, but I am just imagining actors falling down the stairs in mid-dance.

Original Bratz dolls? Who knew?
I have heard that when Rob's mother came to pick him up, she had only one german word under her belt: niedlich, which means cute. She could have gotten pretty far here on niedlich. It was all niedlich.
Teeny tiny alley good only for drug deals. And being niedlich.
Joss got to pretend he was an only child and do things that he never gets to do.
Every time we turned around there was another picturesque view. Niedlich, niedlich, niedlich.
We crossed several covered bridges and made our way to the other side of the river. Sooo niedlich.
The Würth museum there had an outdoor installation by Niki St. Phalle and it was a Joss magnet because, as he said, they all had hidey holes.

Rob and I had actually seen a couple of her pieces in Balboa Park in San Diego in 2007. We wished the kids had been with us for 20 minutes to enjoy them; we got our wish today!

In the belly of the bear. After all of this climbing, we decided we were ready for lunch. We'd been choosy about a restaurant and then found out that it was 2:00pm and that everything closes in Schwäbisch Hall at 2:00pm. We walked back to the other side and found a place called Olli's
We chose well.
Very, very well.
Rob loved these colors together
And I loved these colors. Sehr niedlich. Joss was beginning to melt, so we made our way back to the car. We took a scenic route home through the Schwäbisch forest which was lovely. Then Helga the GPS frau, who had been acting weird all day, took us all the way to Esslingen instead of back home. I worked her over and told her who was in charge, but we ended up seeing Stuttgart's wine country too.

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