Sunday, August 14, 2011


On Tuesday, the three older kids went to a camp run by our friend Elke for the Lutheran church. While they were gone, we took advantage and dragged Joss to another palace. This one lies just outside of Stuttgart.
It is baroque and was built by a duke for his mistress. Evidently his wife lived in Stuttgart and he lived out here on a construction site until he died.
We got into a German tour and pulled out the iPad almost immediately for Joss. The guide talked really fast and moved us very quickly from room to room, so we'd pick up Joss and the iPad and just get him settled in a room only to have to heave him up again and go onto the next.
The throne room. Napoleon made the duke of Baden-Wurttenburg king, which lasted for three years.
The palace still has many of the original furnishings and fabrics. And do take a look down that hallway!
The queen's bedroom -- I think this was Charlotte Mathilde.
And her library. This is one of the starred sights in our guidebook, and so I'm going to stick in a picture. Now you've seen it.
The hall of portraits.
Original sets in the palace theater. It went out of fashion and they had lots of props and sets in storage, so they've gotten them out of mothballs. These appeared to be needlepointed.
This is the mirrored room, that was used as a bedroom, which I find both vain and impractical. Too many reflections and too much light.
This is the ceiling with a trompe d'oleil painting.
And a state room. By this time it was getting truly arduous to pick up Joss and move him on. I've only put in a fraction of the pictures we took, and we missed plenty of rooms because we were going at such a fast clip. It all made sense when I looked at the time and realized we'd been at it for an hour and a half! Then the guide said that we had walked almost a kilometer on the tour. I can believe it!
We ate lunch in the courtyard and then took this one home for a nap. We didn't get to see the extensive gardens around back, or either of the other castles, Favorite and Monrepos, but that place is just monstrous and it will have to wait!

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