Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Horb: Ripe for a Travel Slogan

This is Horb am Neckar. It isn't in any of our American guidebooks, but Rob and I drove over there on Thursday first, because Rob wanted to meet with an internship provider who works there; second, because he read about it in a book on witches that he did a review of. Horb was a hotbed of witch hunting. They grow grapes for wine in the area, and when there was some rapid climate change and years of bad grape harvests, odd women took the blame.
It is a steep, steep little city. Rob went off to his meeting and I looked around town. I was looking for the market square (above) and climbed a lot of stairs and hills before I found an elevator which carried me up another three levels. The best job here would be as an elevator installer/repairman, or perhaps someone who sells joint juice.
Right in the town square, this is called the chalk quarry, but it was not just for chalk. Truly creepy jail cells that still give off a bad vibe.
I made it to one of the three churches that I could see. This was next to the town square and so probably the oldest. It has a name but I've spaced it.
Originally romanesque in style (see exterior), it was redone in baroque (interior).
This tower was used as a lookout, then as a prison. Now the local mountain climbing club has offices here, which seems appropriate enough.
The Luciferturm where the witches were kept before they were burned.
So I was brainstorming some slogans for Horb, because you should know what you're getting into before you go, I think. Here is what I have so far:
Horb am Neckar: Good for the Gams
Horb am Neckar: a Nice Place to Live -- Unless You're a Witch
Horb am Neckar: a Stairmaster With a View
then Rob broke in with
Horb am Neckar will give you calves like Boris Becker
Whaddaya think? Will Horb hire us?

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