Monday, August 01, 2011

Bears and Chocolate

Monday afternoon I needed to get the kids out of the house so Joss could sleep and Rob could work on some details of our upcoming trip/departure/tours/meals/etc. I decided we'd go see the bears on Ku'damm.
Bears are the Berlin symbol and they're on the flag (though it is hotly contested whether "Berlin" has anything to do with bears). They have had these big bears decorated all over the city for years. Rob thinks that the church needs to get two and paint them like two missionaries and put them outside the stake center which is in the center of town. These are the buddy bears -- 140 or so all painted by a different country who have all gone on tour together all over the world and are back in Berlin on Ku'damm to celebrate its anniversary (125?).
Spain (I was so pleased the the kids recognized this right off from Parque Guell, and then realized that they used something from Barcelona to represent Spain. Unheard of!).
Armenia, I think
China -- love the eyebrow!
Bears and bears and more bears! It was such a success that I decided we should keep going. We went down the Fassbender and Rausch, royal chocolatiers to see what they had made.
A chocolate bear! With a gigantic Rocher ball!
Brandenburger Tor
The Titanic (didn't know that was in Berlin!)
Kaiser Wilhelm Friedrich Gedanchness church; this actually looks more like the real one than the real one does. It's all under scaffolding and unrecognizable.
And the Fernsehturm. I told the kids I'd go buy them a Ritter Sport around the corner and they'd get a lot more chocolate for their money, which they heartily agreed to. We were all sugared up and footsore by the time we met Joss and Papa at the park.


Jessica said...


But why does the Guatemala bear look like it is covered in cells?

Mary Ann said...

That's just my camera being lame. They are Diego Rivera-style calla lilies.

Lois said...

Is it my imagination, or is Will taking a whizz on the Spain bear?