Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Potsdamer Lego Shopping Potterful Day

Friday was Maddie's birthday. We were totting up the number of times she's celebrated abroad, with only her family and oddments and randomness to celebrate, and this is birthday #5.
We gave her a couple of options for activities, and she chose to send the boys to the Lego Discovery Center on Potsdamer Platz.
In the final analysis, that meant that Rob took one for the team. The place was overcrowded on a rainy day with too many kids and not enough supervising adults. He had to climb into the play area more than once to stop 11- and 12-year-olds who were using the little kids for target practice in the ball zone. He says that had Dante been there, the Lego Discovery Center would have its own circle in The Inferno.
But they all liked the Lego Berlin. Here is the Berliner Dom which we visited with Curtis and Tomas.
The Reichstag (the teeny tiny "For The German People" is pretty amazing).
The Quadriga on top of the Brandenburg Gate.
And the Berlin Wall. You can push a button and this section of the wall falls down.
Complete with David Hasselhoff singing "Freedom!" Did you know Germans love David Hasselhoff? They do.
Visiting Indiana Jones.
And a lion. While the boys were thus occupied, Maddie and I had had a lovely time shopping up and down Wilmersdorferstrasse. We were looking for a church outfit and pajamas for her and we spent a long time but found exactly what we were looking for. We had lunch in a Nordsee because it was Maddie's birthday. It was a nice calm way to spend a cold rainy day.
By the time Maddie and I arrived to switch out kids, Joss was at the end of his rope. Pulling out the camera at this point never fails to make me laugh out loud at the absurdity of it all.
Joss was able to rally for a little bit of hero worship at the Herbie exhibit.
We're not above making obvious school-age German jokes.
I took the littler ones home while Rob took these two to see HP 7 pt 2 here at the English theater.
And we finished up with cake, candles and ice cream for the birthday girl.
Here she is in her new togs. Not a bad day!


Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

I know I don't say it for every post, but this blog almost always maketh me to chuckle muchly, if not outright LOL.

Oh, and happy birthday Maddie. I can't remember, is she 13 or 14 now?

Janet M Kincaid said...

So fabulous! Happy birthday Maddie Lou! It's so fun to see that wee little baby grow into a beautiful young lady. Well done.