Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dinner with Friends

When we left the memorial church, Curtis went down the fancy shopping street in west Berlin and our family jumped on the U-bahn to get to dinner with our friends. We missed a bus that only came every 20 minutes and we were sunk. Caught another bus, ran the last three blocks and we were still about half an hour late.
Thankfully H & D were patient and forgiving, because we completely bombed that one. They grilled outside in their lovely cool yard and we ate ourselves silly. For dessert the kids toasted marshmallows over the coals and put them on chocolate-covered butterkeks -- they were the richest s'mores ever!
Maddie taught the girls a game involving cups and clapping. It's one of those cases of kids meshing together like a zipper. Having twice as many children around mostly felt like half the work.
Unless they're all on the trampoline. Then it felt like a lot of people! Our kids also felt normal again, running around on grass, feeding their rabbit, jumping on the trampoline and playing with other kids.
H graciously drove us home in their capacious van and the kids came along to send us off. Thanks for a wonderful time!

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