Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Colorful Chocolate World

On Wednesday after the Reichstag, Rob took off to teach class and Curtis and I took the kids back to the Ritter Sport store. I could live here too. Easily.
It calls itself "Bunte Schokowelt" which is Colorful Chocolate World. Pretty much lived up to it too.
We brought all the kids so that they could make their own custom chocolate bar. You choose from two kinds of chocolate and add in up to three of these ingredients. They included everything from marshmallows and gummy bears to rose pepper and chili.
Then you get to watch as the Shokomeister mixes your ingredients and the chocolate together . . .
. . . pours it into the special Ritter Sport mold . . .
. . . then chills it for half an hour . . .
. . . after which you can come back and they pop it out for you, trim it up, and stick it in a box with your recipe that says My Chocolate Creation.
Here Joss is chillin' while his chocolate does the same.
Vould you like an Alpenmilch? asks Maddie
We learned all about the chocolate making process, watched a film about Ritter Sport and answered questions about the company too. Did you know that Ritter Sport's distinctive size and shape were developed by Clara Ritter because she wanted something that would fit in her sons' pockets for soccer? That has become their motto: "Quadratisch, Practisch, Gut" which means "Square. Practical. Good."
Sebi and Tomas. They'll let anyone with this much chocolate be their friend.
We managed to get ours all the way home before we had lunch and ate them for dessert. Of our six McFarland creations, we think Will and Maddie did the best. Will had sour cherry and yogurt chips in milk chocolate and Maddie used roasted caramelized almonds, raspberry, and lemon. Yum, yum GUT!


los pensamientos de lucy said...

Estás guapísima, y tus hijos... una joya. Besos. Alicia.

Nedra said...

I'm so jealous! Beats Scharffenberger and they're closed now, anyway. Can't believe you get to make your own Rittersport.

Sister Pottymouth said...

I love Ritter Sport bars! *drool* Pardon me while I wipe my face.