Thursday, June 23, 2011


Some great things in Joss' speech right now:
"Papa, I'm having a little twouble"
"skizzers" (how does he know how they're spelled?)
"Is my friend Mama here? Could I see my friend Mama?"
showing me a paper with green scribbles: "This is a ronchet launcher"
He also named some more. He got a new leash; this one's a dog and he named it Elobie (Maddie says it should be spelled L-O-B and stands for "leash on back"); he claimed and named another stuffed dog Shinyette.
"Willow, cah-I hab a swohd fight?"
"Papa, you leeb the door?"
"No smitching!"
he calls Family Home Evening "Family For Liebling"

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