Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Tempest

Maddie's English class just put on Shakespeare's Tempest.
She was cast as Caliban, the deformed and drunken son of an evil witch. It wasn't her first choice, but in the end she embraced it right down to the leaves in her matted hair and the blacked out teeth she touched up each time she exited stage left.
Her friend had a difficult part for another reason: she was Miranda, one of the young lovers (here seen with her Ferdinand).
Maddie got lots of compliments on her performance. She certainly had one of the most dramatic parts! Here she is with her drinking buddies, Stefano and Trinculo, trying to look sozzled.

And at least she got to put on slinky, fringy, ruffly, sparkly costumes the next week for her big ballroom performance. It made her feel a little more feminine than wearing a rug.
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ishtheintrepid said...

Oddly enough, my very first Shakespeare experience in performing was...well, first they had me cast as Miranda and then Caliban dropped out and I was asked to get recast. Weird thing to run in the family, but I want videos of Maddie as Caliban. -Kaki

Nedra said...

Maddie, you look frightfully wonderful as Caliban. I'm sure it was fun. Be sure your mom posts some ballroom pictures, too.
Love, Grandma