Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Birthday! Awesome Jossum

It is completely impossible, but Joss just turned three. Three things we love about him right now are:
1. His language. He calls me "mudder" unless he wants a reaction and then he says "Mama? I mean Mudder? I mean Mary Ann?" [grins] "Are you Mary Ann?"
2. He's saucy. We try not to let on how funny he is, but last week Rob set down his breakfast eggs and said "Now what do we say? . . . " Joss said "Waateber. Where is the freakin' keppitch?"
3. He adores the family. All day long I answer questions about where everyone is and when he'll see them next. He calls our Family Home Evenings "Family For Liebling" and every day he wants to make certain that Rob is coming home to play blocks with him. And so Rob does.
He's been asking me for weeks "Howz my burfday doing?" He got to go to the park and to BYU and out for a burger and fries and fizzy for lunch. He got his cake and ice cream after dinner and we all made a fuss over him. I had a camera with a dead battery, but thankfully Uncle Bulk picked up the slack with his iPhone.
This is a bulldog that his siblings got for him. It came with a vet's kit that included band aids, a shot, thermometer, bandage and a "cone of shame". Joss is thrilled with his bulldog and he promptly named it Handy Dandy.
[click to enlarge] Because the van was in the shop yet again on Thursday, Joss and I had a date the day after his birthday and we went to the zoo. It was a madhouse, but Joss was completely charming. He liked the monkeys and the giraffes and the camels and the tigers, but he was most impressed with the animatronic dinosaurs that they have right now. I'm probably a party pooper, but I think that's going to really confuse a lot of young kids ("They're NOT extinct! I saw them at the Hogle Zoo when I was THREE and they moved and roared and one of them even spit water at me!").
Opa had given Joss birthday money and he used it to ride the carousel and the train. I was surprised that he was afraid of it when he got up on the giraffe, but he calmed down once it got going.

No worries about the train. Rob and I just have hardwired train boys. And this one is a CHARMER! Happy Burfday, Joss!
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Nedra said...

Happy Birthday, Joss!
Love, Grandma and Grandpa S.

Zina said...

This is almost too much cute. Happy birthday, Joss--even if I can't believe you turned three!