Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Valentine Poem on St. Patrick's Day

Few people know how many and varied are the professor's talents. He can watercolor, throw pots, is the best $#&*@! sandcastle builder anywhere, and he also writes wonderful poetry. So when he asks me what I want for Christmas/my birthday/mother's day/our anniversary I always ask him to write me a poem. This is one he wrote this year for Valentine's Day. It begins with an article called the U-bend of Life for any of you who don't live and die by the Economist (you don't know what you're missing!).


the researcher said

Was ours when we were young
and will,

The researcher said,

Be ours when we have left
the low point:
When we finally grow old,
turning our attention
from our children to ourselves,
from others back to us.

The researcher said.

But what about those looks
the white heads turning
on wrinkled necks
craning to drink in all of this,

Our nadir

They watch our children
like a cat watches a bird
fearful that these plovers might start
and fly
and be lost
and that there may be
no other birds

So they must let their eyes
from little mud-colored heel
to the nape of a neck
under the pony-tails

Those looks
those feral, starving looks
make me re-think all

That the researcher said.


Jessica said...

You're right, he is good.

nedra said...

That is beautiful, Rob and I agree. There's joy to be had in the messy, frustrating nadir of a full house and unending laundry.
Love you both just oodles.

Ann said...

I was already so impressed with Rob even before I knew he wrote poetry and wrote it well. :)

Darlene Young said...