Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sebi's BYU Party

For months now, Sebastian has been telling anyone who would listen that he wants "A BYU Party" for his birthday. Secretly I felt it was because we are bad BYU fans and completely indifferent to any and all athletic teams that the place holds so much allure for our kids. We didn't even have any BYU apparel or paraphernalia until this year. Despite this, we tried to pull something together.
We had 12 first graders and our whole family up on campus running two teams (Team Blue and Team White) around trying to find a dozen or so clues for our digital camera scavenger hunt. After an hour of running and posing, we taught them all the lyrics to the fight song, showed them highlights of Jimmer Fredette and fed them bagel pizzas and legendary BYU mint brownies.

In planning the event, the professor and I had scoured the bookstore and other local venues for BYU stuff. With the stiff prices they charge, we couldn't even afford to get them each a keychain ($7.99 for a keychain. Really? I say. Really?!). Enter Curtis to the rescue. He brought two huge bags of swag over and we made gift bags for everyone that even Oprah would have been proud of.

The inadvertent side effect was a pretty hard sell for the university. It was about the time we got to the olympic torch that one of the kids screamed "This place is the GREATEST! I am SO coming HERE!!!!"


Jessica said...

Kids from our area don't seem to be able to get in there anymore. BYU-Idaho, sure, but not so much the Provo campus.

Ron said...

Great James Bond theme use -- so who won the treasure hunt?

Deb said...

Love it! Looks like we were both partying yesterday!! I can't believe how grown up the kids are--adorable. How old is Sebi now?

Ann said...

Happy Birthday to Sebi! I can't believe you planned all that on top of everything else you have going on. Wow.

Mary Ann said...

@ Jessica: We know it, and we DON'T UNDERSTAND IT. In fact, this comment made the professor decide he's going to the registrar's office with a list of 10 students of his. He wants to say "what are their stories? They can't write a paragraph to save their lives, they quit showing up to class three weeks in, they flunk over and over and over again -- who are these other folk who aren't getting in? Are they decapitation victims?"
@ Ron: both teams won. You can still get away with that in first grade, and we had enough SWAG that everyone got all the prizes.
@ Deb: I love, love LOVE Kate's party. I've got to show pictures to Rob. Sebi is 7 now and we're not for it!
@ Ann: sounds like you should have been with us for the party. You could have had a lot of very enthusiastic first grade boys singing to you -- an ideal birthday, no? OK then, we'll do lunch instead.