Sunday, February 27, 2011

Quilt Top

I made my first quilt top last week.
I grew up with three or four quilts made by great grandmothers: a yellow pinwheel pattern, one with seafoam green leaf shapes, one made from jeans on one side and sunday suits on the other, and my favorite made out of pink, blue, and yellow flannel. We nearly loved that one into oblivion.
When Rob and I got engaged, he had a quilt top that he'd commissioned from a woman in Ridgefield Utah, a whirling fan pattern which my parents' ward then quilted for us. The ladies of Oakland I had been quilting for about 25 years by then, and they knew what they were doing. Then for Christmas of 2000 my mother gave me a quilt she'd made out of the flannels from all of the nightgowns that she'd made for me and my sister each Christmas growing up.
When our German friend came last semester, she was very taken with American quilts. We showed her ours and I took her to a few places to look into buying one, but we couldn't find anything. She went home at Christmas, but we're going to see her in August, and plan to give her this once we get it quilted. I am going to ship it out to someone who can machine quilt without swearing like a sailor.
It was actually fun to do! I still like knitting because I'm not dependent on the sewing machine that I don't understand, but it was fun to go pick out the pattern and the fabrics and to see the whole thing cut apart and then come back together again.
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Tueller 3 said...

Mary Ann,
If you are looking for a person nearby who does quilt tops, Emily Borget just bought one of those machines and does it in her house for a reasonable price. She has been doing it since she was at Provo High (I guess they have a quilt class), and I had her do two baby quilts for me. I think there are really amazing people who do it all over, and Suzanne Hillestad knows a lot of those, but Emily was fine for me.

nedra said...

It looks beautiful and your corners are perfect!

Brenda said...

Sooooo impressed!!! I love quilting and your quilt is perfect.