Thursday, February 03, 2011

Midway in Midwinter

My mom came up to Zermatt resort to celebrate her birthday a few weeks back. We got in Friday evening and had soup for dinner, played Blokus and stayed up late talking. Saturday morning we attended yoga with Ned. He was a different sort of instructor than I have had in the past, but he put us through a good workout. We had missed breakfast completely by then, so we skipped straight to lunch at Matty's Bistro.
We made a stop by the Heber thrift store of great renown to pick up some $5 boots so I could go snowshoeing. My sister has taken up the sport, so she took us on our first hike at Wasatch State Park.
It just so happens Wasatch State park was having a snowshoeing race that very day, so we got to hike on groomed trails while true masters jogged past us on the final leg of the race. They were very chill and I liked snowshoeing. I'd love to go again with my own boots on!
That evening we met up with my cousins and my aunt and all went to the Homestead across the street. The food was good, the surroundings lovely, the company was great (of course I'm happy just to have someone serving me).
It was also nice to eat guilt free after the yoga and the snowshoeing. The next morning Karen and I had sore backs more than anything, and I think that was from yoga.
We drove into downtown Midway to see the Ice Castles there.
It's pretty impressive, but if you go, wear boots! The ground is all loose ice like you're walking around someone's freezer.
After the ice castles, we went back and sat in the hot tub with the waterfall at the resort. It was a long interesting active day, and I slept really well that night!
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Julie said...

I never knew there were ice castles in Midway. Tell me more.

Mary Ann said...

The ice castles are pretty new (I think this is the second year). You can see more at their blog, or at
We were able to get a family discount and six of us went for $8, but when I returned, they didn't have any more. I think it's $5 for adults and $3 for kids.