Thursday, February 24, 2011

At Home

While I was off getting my zen fix, Rob took over with the kids.

Except when he was at Sundance.

Then Maddie was in charge and filling the coffers for her next big purchase. On Saturday Grandpa flew in and he had a firm pinewood derby mandate.
So that's what we found when we got home. Three pinewood derby vehicles primed and ready for painting. There had also been plenty of eating out and watching exciting computer clips.

Grandpa also got to see Joss as an engine of chaos one morning. He would run from spot to spot, creating mayhem and leaving destruction. He'd made ten messes in 10 minutes.

And that was before he climbed up on the counter and drank half a glass of Rock Star.

Grandpa said "I could see that it would be fatal to try and keep up with him."

Ain't dat da truth!

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Jessica said...

Would it be tactless of me to say that your stories of Joss make me somewhat grateful that my last pregnancy didn't work out?