Sunday, January 09, 2011

Thrift Store GIfts

Posted by PicasaWe agreed with our buddies in the the Isaak family that we would tone things down this year and shop for gag gifts at thrift stores. We gave them a Michael Jackson jukebox ornament that lets you moonwalk around the Christmas tree to "Startin' Sumpthin" and a Soul version of a trivia game. They, in true Isaak fashion, poured their whole hearts and souls into the assignment. After they found bathrobes and other strange fuzzy fabrics at the thrift store (including a "Grand Ole Opry" sweatshirt), the amazing K. fashioned the finds into huge, comfy "Ugly Dolls" for all of the McFarland Kids. The McKids promptly named them John, Paul, George and Ringo (although they all claim that their own pet is named Ringo, and the others are Paul and John and George).

Thanks Isaaks, for the fab four new family members! Even as I type, the children are nestled all snug in their beds, with fuzzy bright Ugly Dolls under their heads!

Actually, Fluffy must be missing the Christmas family crowd, because he hugs the orange one and calls it "Uncle John." John certainly deserves the honor--he spoiled all of his nieces and nephews into a nerf-addled stupor, and secured his "Favorite Uncle" status by a long shot.


Jessica said...

Love it!

Zina said...

Those are sure gorgeous for being ugly. Wow! That's thrift at its finest.

Jennette said...

Amen to Zina's comment. I dream of being a friend like that.