Friday, January 07, 2011


In a little red box, Rob and my parents surprised me with a getaway the day after Christmas to Salt Lake. It was perfect! We took off right after church on Sunday and checked in at the downtown Marriott. We laced up our walking shoes and took off to see the lights. We walked through the Gallivan Center and watched the ice skaters, visited Temple Square and heard the sister missionaries singing carols, then hiked the Conference Center as high as we could go.

From there we wandered up into the Avenues, by way of the McCune Mansion, City Creek Park, 217 B St and on and on until we came to the Smiths, where we ran into friends and family and decided to buy dinner. Then we walked back to the hotel past the Governor's mansion and South Temple. By the time we got back it was cold slippery and I was starving. After we ate dinner in our room, we headed down to the hot tub and watched the frozen rink through the steamy windows.

The next morning we tried Lamb's Grill Cafe for breakfast and I got to take the Professor to the SLC library I'd wanted to show him for years. We wandered around more and checked out shops and took another dip in the hot tub before we checked out.

We drove up through the Avenues just because we could do it without anyone asking why and how much longer. We tried the Tin Angel for lunch and had scrumptious lamb burger and bread pudding that was like eating All Good Things with a fork. We stopped at Gardner Village on the way back home, and returned to find all the kids happily playing with Christmas toys. I noticed how much more relaxed I am after soaking in a hot tub a few times. I think that's going to be my 2011 New Year's Resolution: take more hot baths. My last book said to choose attainable goals. Check.
Thanks Mom, Dad and Rob for the wonderful vacation! It almost makes me think I might want to do Christmas again someday! Posted by Picasa


Lois said...

I have a hot tub.

Jennette said...

That sounds mah-velous!