Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Snippets and the 600th post

I'm a Sundance widow this week, which means that the kids get their feet rubbed with peppermint lotion at bedtime instead of their papa's amazing and raucous Kyle & Pablo adventure stories.
We're having some great conversations. Here are a couple:

MA: " . . . and someday you'll all be taller than I am and you'll get married and have lots of kids! I love grandkids. Babies are so fun to hold!"
Will: "You'll probably be off your rocker by that time."

Then last night:
Maddie: "If Cain killed Abel, how come he got the good food named after him?"
MA: "What food?"
Maddie: "Candy canes!"
Will: "And cocaine!"

Sebastian had his share over Christmas. Here's one I remember:
Sebi: "I'm glad we have a small house."
MA: "Uh, really our house is not that small."
Sebi: "I know. I like that our house only looks small on the outside and inside it's big. Because if you have a big house like Grandma & Grandpa or the I'*****, then robbers want to come in and steal your stuff. And you have to put up lots of Christmas lights. The worst is if you have a big house on the corner because then you really have to put up a lot of Christmas lights. Unless you're Jewish."


Jessica said...

Y'know, your posts are nearly always good for a "BWAhahaha!"

Zina said...

Such funny little geniuses, they are.

Lois said...

Oh my goodness, these are the best quotes ever!

Sarah said...

Bless them childrens. They are too smart for their own good.