Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Sleigh Ride

After lounging around the warm house all day, we jumped into the car and headed up to Park City for a sleigh ride. It was fun to get out and see a different crowd -- the hardcore skiing/snowboarding bunch for whom Christmas is all about the snow.

Grandpa, MA and Joss. I think Joss looks like some sort of crazed Russian royalty in his hat. It was meant for someone larger than he, but he loves it, so it's become his signature piece.

Our horses, Cap & Nick. We didn't discuss Nick's size, since he was the runt here, but Cap is seventeen hands high. These were some monstrous beasts, snorting and steaming up the hill with all of us in tow.

The whole crowd on our two horse open sleigh. Our cheeks are nice and rosy and comfy cozy are we....

John, our driver, who grew up in the area and used to mine here in Park City. The Professor thought he was the best part of the ride--he used to work in a silver mine here, and knew the real, old, 'ungentirfied' Park City before Paris Hilton came here to buy mink muck-lucks.

It was absolutely beautiful at sunset and the lights were all coming on as we headed back to the car. We agreed that half an hour was just about right for a sleigh ride in the frigid Summit County air.

The Prof treated us to the traditional Christmas stacked enchiladas when we returned. The recipe came from his Grandma Thelma Waite Reimer, who learned how to make them at the annual Fireman's Breakfast in Alamagordo, New Mexico in the late 1940's. In this Shumway crowd there were even eaters adventurous enough to try them old-school style with the fried egg on top. Now that tastes like Christmas! (To a McFarland or a Reimer, anyhoo...)

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Julie said...

A Christmas sleigh ride in Park City--very fun! I didn't know they did that. Do you need to make reservations? Where do you find it?

McFamily said...

We found three possible places when we looked: Snowed Inn Sleigh Co; Rocky Mountain Sleigh Co; both in Park City, and then others through the Homestead, which would have been closer, but their schedule was weird over the holidays. I think they all run people to dinners but will also just take people on a ride over the river and through the woods.

Julie said...


Brenda said...

I LOVE Joss' hat!!