Tuesday, January 04, 2011


It can be hard to tell, but I think Christmas lived up to its billing here. Sebastian was tickled that he got everything on his list (legos, duck tape, and a nerf gun which he graciously subsituted for the requested air soft gun). A sadder and wiser Will pored through his stocking and was impressed with his hand grenade screwdriver, a watch, and a polar bear that pooped jelly beans.
Santa brought Joss a LightningQueen garage and it was gratifying to see him come back to it again and again throughout the morning.
Kiecoo passed out presents with the help of Sebastian. My breakfast was stellar (there's no picture, but it was a potato-rosemary strata and a pecan coffee cake and they both turned out marvelously)!

And there was nerf.

A whole lot of nerf.

Actually an appalling amount of nerf.

Um, yeah. Because we didn't have enough nerf before.

And even some other presents, like the hexbugs above. It was a good day, overall.

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Jessica said...

Hey, we did the hexbug thing, too!