Monday, January 03, 2011

Christmas Eve

By Christmas Eve, we had lots of family in town. And lots of electronic equipment going on, too.

The silver was shined, the table set, and the candles lit.
Grandma cooked our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of ham, cherry sauce, potatoes, rolls, spinach salad and bubbly.
After a marvelous dinner, we had the traditional Parade of Presents, where the kids bring all the presents up to the tune of Anne Murray's Oh Come All Ye Faithful and put them under the tree. This year it had the additional advantage of keeping Joss from ripping them all open before the big day.
We read Luke 2 and acted it out. We recited The Night Before Christmas. We sang Christmas Carols from sacred to secular. A few days before I had mentioned to Rob that this Christmas is going to be one of those that make up the residue of "holiday tradtions" in the kids' memories. Not to add any pressure or anything!

And we finally got the kids abed once they began pounding on each other from so much excitement.Posted by Picasa

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