Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Second Advent

Yesterday we celebrated second advent. I guess we've been celebrating it for a while now. Here was advent in Berlin in 2006, and a good example from 2009.You generally have a bunte teller full of cookies and candies, but we were caught flatfooted, so we punted with sugar cookies. When we took out the cookie cutters, we were dismayed at our strange Christmas offerings. We had things like numbers, farm animals and letters, so we made a Mr. Bean christmas plate instead. If you haven't seen Mr. Bean and the Nativity Scene, give yourself a gift and go watch it. Then you'll understand the helicopter and dinosaurs.
We had Betsy & Bulk over for a dinner of gulasch & spaetzle.
Then finished it off by going to see the 35th annual Adventsingen at the Provo Tabernacle. The Frauenchor was the best ever; the program came in under an hour; Katie actually gets to keep her dirndl; these are all amazing things but it was a banner year for me because I didn't wrangle a small child the whole time!
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nedra said...

I love the little table in the bay window with the greens and candles. I always did love that table, but the legs kept falling off! Glad you kept it alive. It's perfect there for Christmas.

Brenda said...

Mr. Bean is a weird-o, as usual. Love the helicoptors - ha!

Zina said...

My mom has a kneeling Santa she's been known to add to her Nativity scene, and various other figurines have been added by her kids at various times, but I don't think we've ever had a dinosaur in there.