Saturday, December 04, 2010

The Calgon Weekend: Jen & MA's Twentieth Reunion

In 1990 I was working at a law firm in San Francisco when they hired Jennifer. We worked on the same insurance coverage case through trial prep and trial for six months or so. We put in 14-hour days together organizing the documents, reorganizing them and then making seven copies of the results. I was so grateful it was Jen that I got to spend so much time with. We even took a weekend roadtrip to see where our case took place.
Jen introduced me to Thai food, the Haight Ashbury district, Marin County, and taught me that while two wrongs never make a right, three rights make a left. She even visited me back at BYU where we spent an inordinate amount of time trying to find coffee in the mornings. She blushes now when I mention it, but her swearing is pure poetry; she takes it to truly artistic levels (and says now "Shhhh! The kids have no idea!").
After that crucible of a beginning, we've seen each other through college, law school, a mission, half a dozen jobs and boyfriends and breakups, family deaths, job losses, two weddings, two miscarriages, two fabulous husbands and six kids. The kids are often fabulous too.
So celebrating 20 years of friendship, on the anniversary of my driving a Ryder truck full of documents from Santa Barbara and having a blowout on highway 101, Jen came up and got this SA-WANK suite at the Hotel Park City. It was heavenly. It was quiet. No one was demanding anything of us and nothing need cooking or cleaning or arranging. We spent a lot of time talking on the couches, in restaurants, hot tubs and the car.
We ate at Zoom, the Sundance restaurant in Park City. Yum! It was fabulous and we both waddled away. We had breakfast at Squatters, a brewery (which made Jen suspicious "Utahns eat breakfast in a brew pub? What kind of state is this?"). We ventured out to mexican in a blizzard and found our own breakfast place on Main Street. We ate so well that we only had two meals a day!
And we were there for the opening of ski season and the first big storm. Jen got a taste of living in the snow, driving in the snow and digging your car out of the snow.
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Ann said...

YOu so deserved it. Incredible.