Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Boxes are Open

Now that Christmas is over, here are a couple of presents for other people that it's safe to talk about. Our friends and family have been so SO generous to us that we should take a moment here to remember. We had B & H, J & T, D & J, and M & D who all invited us to come stay at their cabins this year. They were our vacations and they were all highlights. K K and K gave us a vacuum cleaner and a camera when everything in our possession began to fail. L & A kept us entertained for six months with their treasured boxed set of West Wing and got our carpets livable again with their wonderful steam cleaner.
There are many more things that I'm forgetting right now, but it does remind me of C & B who gave us a toilet when Joss was born. I kid you not. A porcelain throne; the genuine article. The card said "happy toilet training". So when they adopted their eighth this year, I knit a sweater for their daughter. It looked like this only deep pink with navy and purple trim.
This one was for a longtime friend's baby boy. Only took me two months to sew on the buttons and ship it off -- hope it fits him!
This is for friend J's daughter Zoe
and for her son, T-man. You can see that I took TJ's advice and tried a new hem on the bottom. It's sure easy and it doesn't roll up like the old ones. Now I have to go back and fix Joss's sweater!
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Jessica said...

Do you have a book you would recommend for tutoring me on knitting? I have the basics down, but need work on finishing techniques.(There is the issue of my erratic tension, but I keep hoping that will resolve with practice.)

McFamily said...

I have two suggestions. For good finishing instructions with simple illustrations, I recommend the Yarn Girls Guide (you can see it in my Shelfari widget). The other option is to use patterns that don't take a lot of finishing. For that I use a book from the 70's called One Piece Knits That Fit (and I warn you the book and the sweaters are U-G-L-Y). I modified a pattern there to make the Mrs. Weasley sweaters and then I didn't have to sew anything together at the end. It goes very quickly that way and doesn't have seams. Hope one of those helps!

Jessica said...

Mary Ann, those hems look great!

I am always turning to "The Knitters Book of Finishing Techniques." There are cast ons, increases, decreases, selvages, bind offs, seams, picking up stitches, borders and button holes. It's inexpensive and it makes taking on patterns with unfamiliar techniques easy.

Brenda said...

I totally forgot what a talented knitster you are!!! GREAT JOB!