Monday, November 29, 2010

Will Goes Double Digits

Last week Will celebrated the big One-Oh. We had a family party for him the night before where he had cake & ice cream and got some much-needed clothes, and much-wanted toys.
I was leaving town on his actual birthday, so I made him another cake and bought candles and ice cream and Rob took over everything else. Rob got treats to his class at school. Rob fielded RSVPs and was a human GPS to lost parents. And he put on a party for 16 or so fifth- and sixth-graders on a Friday night!
They ate five pizzas, two cakes and ice cream. They played football in the front yard. They watched Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Then they had a forty-minute pillow fight downstairs in the basement. I'm told it was pretty epic. Thankfully there was no more than some superficial scratches from zippers.
Will had a great time and everyone else survived.
Here are 10 things I love about Will:
1. He is the best and most willing snuggler of the kids
2. Will's japanime dance
3. His diligence; he's had to work hard at homework for years; he now really knows how to work
4. Will has the Lego aptitude. He made the Star Wars Republic Attack Shuttle in a matter of hours. Would have been done sooner if we'd only let him stay up all night!
5. His voice. He has lovely tone and we're getting to hear fun snippets from his choir this year. I'm really looking forward to the Christmas concert.
6. His violin playing. He hates to practice, but when he plays he is very expressive and looks like he's losing himself in the music.
7. He knows how to relate to girls. He gets along with his sister, has several friends who are girls, and I love his protective big brotherness of the girl in our carpool.
8. He is observant. Will has always noticed things about other people, places and things and he's very astute in the conclusions he draws.
9. His creativity. Will can make up stories from one sentence to the next. You think he's going to ask for the salt when you find yourself in imminent danger on another planet.
10. He is my biggest, blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy. I sure do love you, Will-O!
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Jessica said...

Well, I'm sold. Shall I just pencil him in for dating my daughter her in a little less than 8 years?

Zina said...

Happy birthday, Will! It sounds like it was a good one.

Brenda said...

Will was such a fun little guy - glad he's now a great medium sized 10 year old.

nedra said...

We love you, Will. We love your spunk and your sensitivity. We love your Legoing and your trampolining. We love that you work hard and play hard and argue hard. We have lots of wonderful memories--from your birth day (when I got to hold you all night),walking you to school in Berlin,learning to ride your bike around the block, Disneyland & Christmas. Happy Birthday, Will!
Love, Grandpa & Grandma Shumway

mary.katherine said...

I LOVE that they watched Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure! It's a classic. You guys are awesome parents!! Happy Birthday Will!