Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Teton Canyon

After two days of driving, the children decreed that we were sticking close to Driggs on Saturday. We sent them off to the park in the morning and then drove up Teton Canyon to find a picnic spot for lunch. Our camera had quit by then, but we found the most gorgeous place by a stream about this size with similar trees (this was taken at Mormon Row the afternoon before). We climbed rocks and crossed the stream, ate lunch and drove home at nap time.

, While I stayed with Joss, the professor took Maddie, Will and Sebi out to the dollar store and then out for shakes at the soda fountain downtown. After more park and dinner, we watched Galaxy Quest with the kids and A Single Man after they went to bed. When we asked Sebi his favorite part of the weekend, he dreamily said "Family Dollar! I wish we had a Family Dollar at home." Uh, Sebi, we do have a Family Dollar . . . I guess I'll pull that out when we're having a staycation.

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Zina said...

We have a family story where my brother Robert (who was about . . . 5?) was asked where he'd most like to go in the whole world, and one of his chosen destinations was Pleasant Grove.

I need to remember the dollar store for staycations or incentives, too.