Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Projects for Joss

After some time as relationship counselor, I am pleased to announced that my camera and laptop are together again! Here are some of the goodies I found inside once I downloaded everything. I lured Joss outside with his lawnmower and some candy to take pictures of the things I knit for him recently.
First I made this sweater. For some reason Joss doesn't have many clothes in his size. I don't know if I gave away all of his brothers' or if they'd been chewing on them and I tossed them out. In any case, he needed some clothes for fall and for church, and so I made this out of the supply of yarn I inherited from Oma. The pattern comes from Minnow Knits, Too and they were right: it looks more complicated than it is. I don't usually do patterns, but this one was very easy to keep track of.
Rob informed me that Joss needed a hat while we were out of town, so I made this for him with no pattern, yarn on hand, and one circular needle. Rob insisted that it had to cover his ears, so there it is. We'll see if he ever wears it.
Finally, I made this one for him, using leftovers for the stripes and the same pattern my mother used to use for John's sweaters. I altered it to make it a rollneck, but I confess I still haven't figured out how to keep the bottom hem from rolling up to his belly button. Perhaps a few rows of ribbing right near the end with a little roll below it?
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Jessica said...

I am jealous of your knitting skilz.

Jessica said...

Hi, it's John's friend TJ! I've been a lurker for a long time, I love keeping up with the extended Shumway clan. Great knitting! I thought I'd break my silence to comment on your rolling hem - have you considered a folded hem? Similar in effect would be the tubular cast-off, which can be tricky but looks great. Nice sweaters, very fine work! TJ

Jennette said...

You're amazing! I am speechless. Truly. Maybe I didn't actually believe that people can knit stuff other than scarves.

nedra said...

Sandy Sue lives on in your kid's gorgeous eyes. Have you thought about a modeling career for any of them?
BTW, TJ's knitting skills equal your own, so she has great credibility when it comes to knitting advice.

Ann said...

Are you for real? YOu made those?! They're gorgeous. But I shouldn't be so surprised that you're capable of doing such a thing.

McFamily said...

Jessica, Jennette and Ann: It's true, I knit. I made some pretty holely and homely Barbie carpets and doll skirts in the beginning. Then I moved on to extremely ill-fitting sweaters for teddy bears and eventually myself. Now my troubles are most often with finishing. I'm too lazy and time-strapped to work on anything above a size 4T any more.
@ TJ: Hey! You mincemeat making maven! I didn't know you were a knitter! I've looked at both of them and the tubular cast off looks several levels above me right now (and like it's meant for ribbing) but the youtube video on the sewn hem is exactly what I should be using here. Thank you!
And thanks for the compliments mom!