Tuesday, October 05, 2010

We're Still Here!

So I guess that last post was also saying aloha to blogging for a month.
I just can't blog. First, I took the camera in to be fixed. We were shooting everything at a sport film speed, nothing was in focus, and the repairman kept referring to some sort of "impactive event". I didn't have the heart to tell him that it wasn't a single event, but rather a lifestyle for this camera. Chasing toddlers over cobblestones has led to many, many impactive events.

I'm still waiting to see if he can do anything about that, when Joss had a moment alone with my laptop. He flicked off the enter key, B, N, L, Y, +, . , / keys and the space bar! It is really painful and difficult to type these days, so I just avoid the computer. But things have been steaming along in the meantime, so here are a few soundbites.

Will and I were at the table doing [frustrating] math homework. He was so angry and finally choked out "You guys are making my life THE HECK!" He repeated it several times, always with a definite article. This was a far cry from his early days -- one year in the Christmas letter we explained that he could make any word sound like an expletive, and often did. Some of them were "dumpster" "waistband" "armpit" and "soda pop liker". I guess a decade in happy valley will do that to your cursing capabilities.

Effects of unplugging the tube continue to crop up -- on being televisionally challenged: I'm driving kids home and the conversation turns to madrassas and Three Cups of Tea, the building of schools and religious fanaticism/terrorists. He tells me that he and Isaac learned about the Taliban by checking out ESPN online.

Sebastian, recounting highlights of a birthday party: " . . . and we had juice."
MA: "Did you, now?"
Sebastian: "Yah, but I didn't have any."
MA: "Really? How come?"
Sebastian: "I had milk. 'Cause I don't wanna be one of those fat kids."
MA: ?!

Maddie shows me a binder of her writing tests from last year. She must have paid attention to one of Rob's favorite phrases, "swore like a longshoreman with Tourette's", because among other great lines, she has this one in a persuasive essay on TV and kids: "No one wants to hear a six-year-old swearing like a sailor with rickets."

Rob and I were jogging and looking at some girl's darling heart-shaped sweatmark on her back as she passed us. Me: "I'll bet I don't have a sweatmark shaped like a heart" Rob, looking: "No, it looks more like Strongbad."

We got Maddie interested in reading Emma after seeing Pride & Prejudice in Cedar City. Then we showed her Clueless, which is 15 years old now (!) and still so clever. The kids have been quoting lines since then. I tell Joss to get off the counter. He looks at me and says "WAT-EV-ERRRRR!"


Ann said...

Have missed you. Who needs pictures when we have this.

jenlinmin said...

Love it! All of it!

Nedra said...

I had to pick myself up off the floor from where I landed after laughing myself off the chair. It's funny, no matter what, but hilarious if you know the characters.
Can't wait to see Rob.

Zina said...

This post proves that blogging is still worth it sans camera and with a denuded laptop keyboard.