Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wait for it...Wait for it...

....and.....the heater just made a horrible sound and died.

McFarlands: 0 The Universe: 5

Hand-washing dishes, chopping wood for the fireplace to keep warm:

We're partying like it's 1929!


Julie M. Smith said...

In 2009, we had to replace our roof, fence, entire AC, half of upstairs AC, had a plumbing disaster, heater broke, and car windshield.

I'm happy to report that this year has been better. Hang in there. Eventually, you will run out of big-ticket items to break.

J said...


I was going to complain about being sick, but I think you win.

KK said...


Heather said...

O.K Mary Ann,I have a confession. I am blogstalking your blog.There, I said it.I can't help it,I really can't.Your blog is so clever and witty and "partying like it's 1929"just put me over the edge. I had to say something. YOU ARE A HOOT!Before you go for your gun, we are related. Doesn't that make it a little better? I'm Phil and Nelda's grandaughter,Heather(via Hallie).When I'm getting an update on Rick and Sarah's blog, the temptaion for a good laugh(laugh "with" not "at")is just to great. As I said before, YOU ARE A HOOT!

Zina said...

Oh noooooo. That's dreadful. At least we're having a warm fall so far--right?

We replaced our furnace and water heater last year, but our car waited until this year to have to be in the shop 4 times within two months. I like it much better with my home disasters spread out nicely like that.

McFamily said...

Heather, we certainly know you and we never mind blogstalkers. In fact, we occasionally look at our stat counter and find that nearly everyone who reads this is stalking it! You'll notice though, that the professor is the really funny one. That is because is mother is powerless to do anything about it when he says inappropriate things.

Julie: our problem is that we're running out of money long before we're running out of big ticket items. Last night though, we had pizza made on the stone you gave us for our wedding and were consoled.

Everyone: the update is as follows: the truck got a new battery and now starts like a dream. I took the camera back to the shop where it may also need a new battery, but is having it's USB port replaced because it was completely *cracked* (can you say "impactive event"?). Rob was able to coax the dishwasher back to life temporarily and I contacted Bosch for service because there had been a recall on it; I'm hoping for some synergy in our entropy. And the van is getting a rebuilt transmission which will hopefully last us until we outgrow this vehicularly unsexy stage of life. As for the heater? I dunno. Put on a sweater. It's going to be a long time before we can fix that.

ashley said...

Dear McFamily (love it!),
Some warm ideas: Drink hot chocolate and herb teas and take a hot water bottle to bed with you.

My refrigerator keeps making funny noises, so I am expecting its death in the next little while. :(

Jennette said...

Now to have a tree fall and take out your phone and internet lines. But the upside would be that you would have more fuel for the stove.