Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Putting It Back Together -- A Little

To update:
Our van was ready, then not, then ready, but not quite, then they gave up and rented us a van (which of course the kids liked better than our car. of course.) and then they promptly got it all working. I picked it up last night, signed my savings away and received a baseball cap in return with "ACTION TRANSMISSION" on the front and "get your shift in gear" on the back. That is the honest truth. The Most Expensive Baseball Cap Ever as the professor calls it.
* * * * *
I found out while folding clothes last week that Joss is a laundry savant. I would hold up a shirt -- any shirt -- and he would tell me who it belongs to. This included a brand new shirt only two weeks old, and others which were hand-me-downs from Will to Sebi. He is paying a lot of attention to people around the house.
You might expect me to say "I should fold clothes more often! Who knows what else I might discover about my family!"
But no.
What I thought was "Now I can just send Joss off with Rob and a basket of clothes and they'll all get to the right people!"
* * * * *
The dishwasher repair technician came by and replaced the control panel on the front door. It likely won't improve the performance, but it will stem the tide of recall notices coming our way.
* * * * *
Sebastian was given two tickets to go see JIGU! the thunder drums of China at BYU. On the way in I was telling him how excited I was to go on a date with just him. In his usual understated fashion, he told me that this was ok, but he'd really rather go to Panda Express for his date. I think I talked him into Shoots instead.
* * * * *
The camera came back, doing things that it hasn't in many moons. Unfortunately it has had a falling out with my computer and they're not speaking. I'm going to have to spend more time finding some software or a driver to mediate. If their differences are reconcilable, I'll be able to post pictures from our trip to Idaho.
* * * * *
Last week we took the three older kids to see BYU's production of die Zauberflote. They did have a family matinee, but Rob deemed his children experts enough to see the whole thing. The songs were in German with supertitles,with speaking in English in between. The kids got into it. Sebastian had to be convinced to leave early because he was so tired, but I stayed with Maddie and Will to the end.

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Ann said...

Hey, we didn't get a baseball cap from Action Transmission. :( And I hope your comp and camera reconcile, because I'd love to see pics of what we missed. Have a fabulous weekend, disaster free.