Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Black Monday

(Guest post from the Professor)

Within 24 hours we have seen the untimely demise of the following:

1 Canon EOS 35mm Camera

2 (count 'em: both) of our automobiles.

1 Bosch Dishwasher.

Combined with Joss' recent denuding of two laptop computer keyboards, a downstairs kitchen leak that left a gaping hole in the wall, the demise of a vacuum cleaner, an active leak in the roof and the impending death of our entire heating system, we are wondering of someone has Professor and Mary Ann-shaped voodoo dolls on their dresser.  

On the other hand, our car carried us safely back from Idaho and Wyoming, and we are not currently stuck at a transmission shop in Evanston.  As the artist known as "Owl City" has sung:
"Every mushroom cloud has a silver lining..."


Ann said...

Goodness. Where's the silver lining? Poor things. I wish I could help. I'm crossing my fingers for your book deal.

Pmom said...

How long had you had your Bosch? Did it please you before its demise? I ask because I recently purchased a Kenmore dishwasher that I am unhappy with and I have been kicking myself ever since that I didn't buy Bosch.

Given your experience with your Bosch, would you buy Bosch again?

professor rob said...

To Ann:

The silver lining is that we did not get stuck in Crotch Flats, Wyoming for three days waiting for it to be repaired. I am amazed that it made it home and died the next day. I am afraid to ask about the book deal in my prayers--I need all of the divine intervention that I can muster just to keep the mechanical things around me from dying in droves.

To Pmom:
I would not buy OUR model of Bosch Dishwasher again for silver or gold. Maybe other models work out, but ours has been a hiss and a byword.

Jessica said...

(Snickering sophomorically at "Crotch Flats".)

Wow, I hope it gets better Tuesday!

(Still snickering...)

Emma said...

My gosh, could you imagine being stuck in the barren land of Wyoming?
I hope nothing else falls apart, if there is anything left.

And what is you speak of about a book? You Mac's are always up to something..