Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saying Aloha to Labor Day!

[click to enlarge] Monday evening we took Daniela to the luau at Thanksgiving Point. It started with dinner and singing and then progressed to dances from each of the islands.
The chief showed us how to start fire with two sticks, weave palm fronds, husk and crack coconuts and tell jokes. He had great patter, but he was no nonsense with a pointed stick.
Staking out our spot in the amphitheater with 6,497 of our closest friends

Rob thought this guy looked like a polynesian version of my brother, Mr. Twinkie.
It really would if Mr. Twinkie ran around with a spear and warpaint and his tongue sticking out. Or if he licked fire.
The chief came out at the end as the star of the fire dance. Keep in mind that it was about 30 degrees by this point in the evening but the performers were still sporting the alohawear native to their tropical islands. Rob, Daniela and I were wearing everything we had and fighting over the quilt!
I hope the fire kept him warm . . .
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Lois said...

OK, that's it. My kids are banned from reading your blog. You guys do too many fun things! Don't you ever stay home? Don't making the rest of us feel so boring!!!

Lois said...

OK, so that should read "STOP making the rest of us feel so boring!!!"

Obviously, my lack of going out and doing fun things has affected my spelling skills.

J said...

Mr. Twinkie says 'Clearly you haven't seen me with my shirt off lately, Rob'