Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Naming Practices

Last week my mom sent a package full of My Things Still At My Parents' Home even after college, mission, marriage, four kids and nine years of home ownership. Among them are the teddy bears that I made sweaters for to practice knitting. Joss seized upon these and has been insisting that they go with him everywhere since their arrival. He named them (from L to R) Papa Bear, Baby Pictures, Friends, and Pico Joe.
We think he gets this talent from his Uncle Rick. Rick had great names for everything, from a goldfish named Potassium to his firstborn, Hildebang. Hildebang herself seems to have the gift. Rick asked her to name a metal insect he had welded: she named it Nooble.
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nedra said...

Makes me feel warm and fuzzy to see him with your teddy bears. Got there just in time. Another year or so and you wouldn't have anyone to carry around the stuffed animals. Time does fly!

Zina said...

Before I make a long rambling comment, I should ask: Did you guys leave a large knife at the picnic last night? If so, we have it.

I feel like I should have the gift for naming things, but it's actually Dean and Mabel who have that gift in our family, and maybe some of the younger kids, too. Hazel has started calling Rose Fluffy, which is the name of one of Rose's favorite stuffed animals, and apparently is easier to say than Rose. Sometimes Hazel also calls Mabel Spikey (after Mabel's pet hedgehog).

I was thinking I'd never known about that adventure park, and then suddenly remembered dropping Ike off there for a birthday party a few years ago. But apparently right after I dropped him off I promptly forgot about it.

Re: your neighbor's water park:

One of the last tracts of undeveloped orchard in central Orem is right near us, and yesterday Mabel was saying how great it would be to live in one of the houses that backs onto it.

I said, "Better still would be to buy up the whole orchard, and build houses for ourselves and our whole extended family."

"Yeah," said Mabel, "and Molly and Jane and I could build forts in the trees."

I added, "And we could build an ice skating rink for winter and a water park for summer."

Mabel rolled her eyes at me. "No way, Mom. We couldn't do that."

"Hey. It's no less possible than the rest of what we were talking about."

Also, even though I still have a one-and-a-half year old but I have to agree with your mom: time DOES fly. I was just realizing that 4/5ths of my kids are potty trained now--so even if (and it's a big IF) Dean and I managed to have one or two more kids, I'm still more than half done with potty training.