Thursday, September 09, 2010

Labor Day Continued

Saturday evening we took the kids and went to the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival. It's an annual benefit for the Orem library and we'd never been, but KK gave us tickets for the Laughin' Night at the Scera Shell.
We brought blankets and jackets and a big picnic and ate ourselves silly on goat cheese and bread and fruit while we listened to the opening musicians. A young guy next to me said "Can I ask you a weird question? Was your husband speaking German? I thought I heard him say 'goat cheese' in German and I just don't know any English words that sound like that . . . " Turns out he is from Berlin so we picked his brain about places to go and things to see for our next Study Abroad.
I don't know what I expected the kids would do for four hours of storytelling, but I was astonished by how much they all loved it. We heard from seven men and women and they were all phenomenal and hilarious, from the Cinderella-meets-Rocky-Balboa opener to the "Afralaccian" tale, to the sophisticated Brit with the Oxbridge accent whose story was all about flatulence (my entire family was giddy). The kids were transfixed nearly the whole time. Our blankets weren't even folded up before Will declared that we were coming back to "this exact one" next year and I felt like the Parent of the Year (though really it is KK who is Parent of the Year).
Sunday we did nothing. Thank heavens!
Monday we got up and visited the neighbors' garden. J is our home teacher (in Mormondom, everyone is assigned two people who come visit once a month to make certain that you're ok and that you don't need to borrow power tools/help with moving furniture/casseroles or quickbreads etc.) and since his family was going out of town, he said we could come over and pick from the garden. This was a huge deal because despite Gartenjahr 2010, there are some things that didn't grow well.
Like everything except zucchini and basil.
It was like free day at the farmers' market! Of course I'm still trying to use up all of this great produce, but I am making a valiant attempt.
Next we threw the boys' bikes in the back of the truck and drove down to Utah Lake. We rode along the levee out to the airport control tower. It was a great, flat place to go with planes landing and taking off right over our heads and boats on the lake. We went until everyone was good and tired, then took them to Five Guys for lunch. Will and Sebi were such appreciative kids -- they thought that it was fine dining with all-you-can-eat peanuts to crack and vinegar to dip your fries in. Even Joss ate his burger and didn't meltdown until long past his naptime.
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