Sunday, August 01, 2010

Will is Next

[Please to note the fence we've finally put up for our grapes. The materials were the professor's father's day gift and we got it done last weekend. It looks so much better than having them flop across the driveway. It was enough work to deserve a post, but it's just not going to happen]
We got a small sum of money from my grandparents' estate. Though I was sorely tempted to use it to fix something (the leaks in the ceiling, the kitchen sink, the flourescent lights, and on and on ad bankrupteum . . . ), Rob and I decided to use it to buy the kids bikes.
So after Maddie got hers, it was Will's turn.
He had a full day to do research on what he wanted, and bless him, he found just the one! Will brought it home and as soon as it was out of the truck he was off, riding with a posse of boys around the neighborhood. The next morning he rode down to the neighborhood farm and bought me two dozen eggs.
Thanks Grandma Shumway, Leo and Gigi! Everyone loves them!
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