Monday, August 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Point Discovery Garden

In the last weeks of summer, it got increasingly difficult to keep the kids happy. If I made them do chores, they felt justified and grumpy. If I took them out somewhere fun, they were unjustifiably grumpy. But I dragged them out anyway so that they would stop grazing through the kitchen all day long.
We used the annual pass again and just went to the children's discovery garden. I think it's been five or six years since we last went.
It was just the right speed for Joss. He ran around saying "Oh! Dewh's a geyyyysewr!"
Maddie taught Joss how to warm up on the dry cement.
[click to enlarge] In addition to the water play, Joss loved the labyrinth where he dragged us into corners and shouted "Uh, oh! We're stuck!", the tunnels and bear caves, and the fish pond and flowers.
But we had to finish up at the ark with a complete dousing. I should have left the shirt off!
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