Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Swim Team: CLAS Ropes Course

To celebrate the end of the kids' summer swim team course, they held a potluck and party at the CLAS Ropes Course down by the lake.
We'd never been there before, but they had lots of fun things to do. This is Will playing aeroball.
Maddie and Emma take a canoe out for a trip down to the lake,
and Rob took Sebastian and even Joss in another. Joss insisted on bringing that monstrous oar, though he never got it into the water.
In addition, there were things that required a harness:
This is Will going on the big swing. I could tell that he was scared to try it. I could also tell afterward that he was pleased as punch that he'd done it.
Emma's littlest brother scaled the rock climbing wall. Since he got hoisted higher each time he got stuck, it seemed pretty easy.
Maddie was the very last person to get to swing. In this one, you can see everyone else who has to pull her up to the top. Everyone agreed that it was disconcerting to let go when you were flat on your back 20 feet in the air.
We even found horses to pet. It was a lovely evening and everyone found something to try.
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