Monday, August 09, 2010

South Fork Reunion

We made it up here again! Sometimes I think it isn't worth the hassle of packing up half the kitchen. Then I get up here where it's cooler and beautiful and the kids run around and throw rocks in the water and play frisbee, and I think 'we should eat dinner here every night.'
We had friends in town from far off. It has been at least two years since we've seen them, but that doesn't stop the kids from finding playmates immediately. Will and Sebi were off with two of their sons and played with Nerf swords the entire evening. I love watching the kids of our friends become friends with our kids.
Of course there were great stories. Here Andy coins the term "muggable".
And the kids orbited between the river and the food. We stayed until we couldn't see each other any more, though we would have talked for another three hours! Thanks for the visit, Steve and Alisha!
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