Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Grizzy & Wolf Discovery Center

On Thursday morning I took the kids into town to visit the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center. The exhibits were fun and informative and it wasn't terribly large. We learned about bears' diet, cubs, winter lethargy and the past problems and present solutions with bears in Yellowstone. Maddie and I learned that we stink at telling the difference between black bears and grizzlies.
We watched a short film on how to recreate in bear country.
There are two different wolf habitats and groups at the center: riparian and high country. The high country wolves mostly wanted to nap while the riparian group was concerned about some construction going on nearby. I was hoping to see them rip something to shreds, but no luck.
The bears were hanging out, splashing in the pond in their exhibit.
[click to enlarge] The best part is that the geniuses at the center built a playground there! When Joss started to go wiggy on his leash, we took him there where he slid and climbed and explored the tipi and the bear traps and the cooler/garbage can/dumpster exhibit. When a company develops a new container that they think is bearproof, they submit it here and the folks put something tasty and tempting inside (fish, meat, chocolate or jam are all hits) and toss it in with the bears for 90 minutes. If it survives, it is officially "bear resistant". We saw a lot of examples of those that were sent back to the drawing board.
Afterward I took them to the Rustic Candy Shop, gave them a budget and let them run wild. This one ran around saying "kika! kika!" and putting more and more candy into his little paper sack. We found out that he loves licorice and is not fond of peanut butter taffy.
decisions, decisions . . .

The satisfied customers.

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