Thursday, August 05, 2010

Grandma Camp: Going Through the Closets

The girls also got to raid the closets and try on the fancy dresses through the ages.
My dress from Winter Ball, circa 1988.
Hazel and Maddie both in frocks of Aunt Kiecoo's.
Maddie's wearing my aunt's flower girl dress from my mom's wedding and Hazel is wearing my dress from a family photo circa 1979. My mother sewed both of these. Maddie says this dress wasn't even close to zipping up, but my aunt wore it when she was thirteen.
Hazel is wearing one of my dresses and Maddie is wearing my mom's Senior Ball gown. As I recall the story, she saw this and loved it, but couldn't afford to buy it. Instead my grandmother let her stay out of school for two or three days to sew it. Later when she was at BYU, she was at a dance and saw another girl wearing it. She danced on by and mom got a chance to check out the sewing on it.
My mom did it better.

Maddie tries on grandma's wedding dress from 1964 with my veil (1997).
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