Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Grandma Camp: Day One

Now it's Maddie's turn to go out and visit the grandparents. The next oldest granddaughter is Hazel who is almost six. These two flew out together last Tuesday and Maddie was pretty nervous by the time she left home. I only hoped that she'd be up to remembering all of their stuff as they exited the plane.
Walking triumphantly off the flight (with their luggage! Yay!).

Breakfast with Grandpa and Uncle John, even showcasing Grandpa's vintage waffle iron collection. Once they were finished, they were off to buy fabric and notions for sewing lessons.
Working on the skirts.
Learning embroidery.
Diving into her Fenton's sundae. Hazel is trying to look supportive, but it appears she's thinking "Wow, what a horse!"
Grandma and Hazel at work on her skirt.
Grandmother, what big eyes you have!
The finished products!
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jenlinmin said...

Every girl should have a grandma that does crafts and sews with her! My girls are so lucky to have a grandma like that too. Thank goodness because their momma has NO talent in that area... but I do want to be one of those grandmas so I guess I better get busy learning. I can't believe how much Maddie has matured in the last year! These girls are going to be off to college before we know it!

Ann said...

I want to go to camp at your parents', eespecially if Fenton's is involved. Wow. And you look like your pretty mother.