Sunday, August 08, 2010

Grandma Camp: Day in the City

I should point out here that I'm not covering even half of what these girls did. They had breakfast at Bakesale Betty's one morning, watched Beezus and Ramona in Emeryville, went school clothes shopping and much more. Maddie came home with a complete binder of their ambitious schedule and instructions on making samplers and skirts!
On Friday afternoon the grandparents took them to the DeYoung to see the impressionism exhibit on loan from the D'Orsay. Here they are up the observation tower.

Next they had dinner at the Cliff House and watched the sea birds on the beach.
Finally they landed at a tent for the big grandma camp suprise: a production of Peter Pan! I'd heard about it from friends who loved it and Grandma had bought tickets months ago. It was a hit with everyone -- Maddie could not stop talking about it and Grandpa told us that it is the best production you'll ever see of it. It's performed in the round with a projector showing scenes on the ceiling. My parents especially liked all of the landmarks they flew over in London. Maddie was so ready to jump up and sword fight with those pirates and lost boys!
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