Monday, August 16, 2010

Fountain Mud Pots

We finished our day in Yellowstone by visiting the Fountain Mud Pots. I thought they might be lesser versions of the Midway Geysers, but they were their own thing. Bubbling mud? You just gotta stop the car and see it.
Yes, it does smell. A lot.
The Fountain Geyser was the one that really made me feel like I was walking around on a volcano. About to blow. At any minute.
High on those sulfur fumes.
The most legit wildlife sighting we had was on the gravel road back to the cabin. We startled this moose off the road. Rob took off into the bushes to try and get a picture and this was the one that looked most moose-like. There was no radio around this guy's neck, no ranger standing next to him while he eats.
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The Rauch Family said...

You guys look FABULOUS. The trip looked like fun.

ashley said...

we visited those stinky mud pots when i was pregnant...not a good idea nausea wise, but we still had a good time and i'm glad you did too!