Thursday, August 19, 2010

Democrats With Guns

I can only hope that this was an intensive and exhaustive lesson on gun safety. John is one of the people I'd trust to do it right.
Armed with Cutter's Tropical Scent Spray bug repellent, Sophie goes into battle against the mosquitoes.
Will turned out to be a crack shot.
John the pro
Maddie improved immensely when she learned which eye to keep open and which one to shut.
Rob dusted off more merit badge skills and nailed the hapless tin cans. He had as much fun as the Thanksgiving where Ron brought out his automatic weapon and they blew up menacing zucchini.
Sophie had a great advantage from taking archery. Grandparents will be pleased to note that everyone came home with all their digits and limbs intact.
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Jessica said...

The title alone made me LOL.