Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stewart Falls Hike

While Maddie was off at girls camp last week, we tried to do something (anything!) each day with the boys to make it a little different. I took them to the pool one day, they cooked with dad, I took them out shopping separately and bought them each a water gun (which was a complete bust from the moment Will laid eyes on the water gun aisle. Remind never to do that again. Just buy multiples of the same thing in different colors and for heaven's sake, don't let them choose!), and we visited the nickelcade which they loved.
On Thursday we decided to hike to Stewart Falls up above Sundance and Aspen Grove. The last time we did this hike, it was on Labor Day and the whole trail was as crowded as Kaertnerstrasse at high tourist tide. This time we saw almost no one. Will was miffed at three women who he thought were being too loud.
The professor took Joss up to the falls, and I carried him back. Much easier without 35 pounds squealing "Owieowieowieowie!" on your back.

It was a nice break from our usual patterns. It was "Take a picture of that flower" instead of "I don't want to go to swimming!" and Sebastian holding my hand and concentrating on his footing. He made great progress in his hiking. It's about an hour each way and plenty challenging for kids.

Will actually ran under the falls and soaked himself. Then he gave each of us a big hug, wanting to share the love.

Will bravely scaled up to the midpoint with his papa.
We have a German friend coming to town for the fall, and I could tell we were both feeling self conscious about Utah. Rob was imagining that in Austria there would be a restaurant of some sort perched on the far bank of the stream. I was just wishing that there was a bench or two. It's so arid here compared to Deutschland!
Rob claims victory.
McFarland boys throw rocks into water. It's in their mitochondria.
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Ann said...

Great pictures, great hike. We should do it together next time.