Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sparklers and Fireworks

Because July 4th fell on a Sunday, we got to celebrate all weekend long. We did sparklers with Grandpa who was in town on a road trip.
There were fireworks at the Harris Pond, because, I ask you, what is paradise without fireworks? (I am a big fan of fire. Ask the professor -- I was always trying to get him to go to Croatia based solely on a CNN travel commercial that featured fire and the beach. In Hawaii I only wanted to eat at restaurants with tiki torches. And the ratio of candles to flashlights in our house? 'Nuff said.)

Then we did fireworks in our driveway with Liam the pyrotechnic on Monday evening.

Though I think my favorite thing will always be the amazed face of some child lit up by their sparkler.
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