Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Sebi's Basketball Camp

This is out of order, but I did want to mention it. The second week of June Sebastian attended a basketball camp in our neighborhood put on by three teenage boys. I had low expectations and mostly put him in so that Sebastian would hang out more with boys his age. When he came home the first day and told me "I really want to make a goal!" I only hoped that he wouldn't be ridiculed off the court.
But it was remarkable. The three boys ran different drills and exercise and bribed them afterward with an otter pop. They made t-shirts for them that Sebastian wore religiously each day to camp. They even had an inspirational talk from a former professional player. They were really good with the little boys. Sebastian drank it up like water in a desert.
Ahhhhh, if only he could play basketball, it would make his eventually tall life so much easier!

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